project: who i am

"I am strong but hesitant. I hear people yelling at me and telling me what to do. I say nothing because I am scared. I want to graduate and to be my little brother’s role model. I touch hurt and painful memories. I am strong but hesitant." -Jackie

"I am someone special. I want to be something in life. I pretend not to care. I say what I feel. I dream about the future. I am someone special!" -Ameena

"I am alone and far from defeat. I wonder how long until I’m free. My future calls as I struggle to seek it. I feel alone but with her I take flight. As I light the fires to bring us together. I worry if I can take her, or will she take me out. I cry as I start to take flight because I know. I’m on my way to cloud nine. I am no longer alone and far from defeat." -DeAndre

"I am outspoken, and very opinionated. I see many people depending on me. I cry to no accomplishments. I understand success takes hard work, but I want to skip hard work. I dream cutting the red ribbon, GRAND OPENING!!!!! I am outspoken, and very opinionated." -Isis

"I am confused and strong. I pretend to be a happy person. I understand she’s never coming back. I try to keep her past off my mind. I dream to live with her again. I am confused and strong." -Marcus

"I am a young man striving for what I really want. "I see myself being successful with a great family. I want my dreams to become reality. I feel confident and proud for what I have accomplished lately. I understand I have to go through allot to reach my dream and life goal. I am a young man striving for what I really want." -Giovanni

"I am curious, confused. I wonder where I am going to be in 10 years. I touch my mother’s college degree. I hope to one day to be as smart and as strong as my mother. I cry when I think about my past. I say loyalty is dead because nobody has yet to prove to me loyalty still exists. I am curious, confused." - Jennifer

"I am a strong warrior. Life is pretty crazy- I’ll give you a full example. I carry the weight of society alone. I have swollen ankles. I dream and chase my passion but nothing happens. I am a strong warrior." -Talea

"I am funny and an artist. I wonder if there are really aliens out there I hear a plane. I dream to be the greatest person you know. I pretend to care when I really don’t. I am funny and an artist." -Kelvin

"I am lazy and annoying. I wonder why this is important. I understand I have no art skills. I say I at least have to try. I dream that I’ll finish school someday. I am lazy and annoying." -Rafael

"I am going to keep on without stopping. I see myself accomplishing my dreams. I pretend to be happy when I'm not. I cry when something doesn't go right or feel right. I dream of a happy ending. I am going to keep on without stopping." -Patricia

"I am someone with big dreams. I wonder where I am going to be in 5 years. I see the world different from other people. My eyes are the key to my heart and much more. Thinking about so much at a young age is a beautiful thing. I am someone with big dreams." -Yangel

"I am quiet and fun. I worry because I think too much. I hope one day to become rich. I cry because I think about the worst times. I understand life ain’t perfect. I am quiet and fun." -Dawnasia

"I am athletic and smart. I hear people criticizing me. I pretend that I’m not hurt. I worry that I wont make it. I feel like its time for the better. I hope to succeed. I am athletic and smart. -Axel

"I am intelligent & determined. I hear gusts of transparent winds. I see the sun falling into the horizon. I want knowledge & value. I pretend life has no ending. I am intelligent & determined." -Joshua

"I am crazy and lovable. I wonder how my life will be. I see my future. I want to be a veterinarian. I pretend. I am crazy and lovable." -

"I am a radio. LOUD as I can be. beating up the pain in people life. Making people’s soul full of joy and happiness. Working all day… I don’t get a break even when I’m charging. People are so unfair. I am a radio." -Wanya

"I am beautiful & independent. I hear success calling my name. I pretend that I am ALWAYS happy. I say, “Everything happens for a REASON.” I understand the STRUGGLE. I am beautiful & independent." -Shantel Benjamin

"I am sad and confused. I wonder what’s there for me in the future. I see how life can flash before your eyes. I want there to be no worries. I hear ambulance noises and cop sirens. I think about my father. I am sad and confused." -Crystal

"I am optimistic and daring. I see myself climbing a tree. I say that I will not give up. I want to reach the top. I understand that I have to be strong. I am optimistic and daring." -Jashibel

"I hear the waves from Coney Island. I see dragons flying. I dream of having a apple pie life. I worry my day will come. I wonder if there’s a heaven or hell. I pretend to be happy." - Chris

"I am confused of who I am. I worry if I want find out who I am. I dream one day I can find out who I am. I hear the doors closing on me. I am confused of who I am." -Crissy

"I am intelligent and brave. I see a glimpse of success blinking on and off. I hear trumpets of harmony. I feel like I am as strong as Superman. I pretend that I am already a king. I am intelligent and brave." -Taylor

"I Am Unique & Beautiful. I Wonder Why The Sky Is Blue. I Hear Dee’s Voice Saying “ It’s Just You & Me Sis. Just Us Against The World…” I Pretend To Be Happy, But Pretending Gets Harder & Harder. I Touch The Clouds Hoping It’ll Bring Him Back. I Am Unique & Beautiful." -Tyra

"I am Humble and Strong Minded. I see a bright future ahead of me. I want to make my mother a proud mommy. I touch millions every time I fall to sleep. I cry when I start to talk about my sister (R.I.P). I am Humble and Strong Minded." -Marissa





- Ryan